Hi! I'm Sarah an illustrator based in North Yorkshire. I have completed my BA(Hons) in Contemporary Art and Illustration at the University of Huddersfield. Previously I have studied at York College on the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design. I specialise in vintage poster designs in which I feature vehicles, travel, aircraft, and figurative people. My inspiration comes from vintage 1920's-1950's Art Deco posters.

My practice is influenced by vintage Art Deco posters. I like to create compositions through chosen colour palettes and creating bold contrasts. I enjoy adding additional text within the illustrations to emphasise the compostition of the drawings. My interests within travel are based on aircraft and railways. I visit a range of airshows within the UK, which is where I get most of my reference imaging whilst also enjoying the airshows themselves. Railways are a personal interest due to volunteering on heritage railways within the footplate departments. With my experiences and access to railways, I have a good source of primary imaging to provide sources and inspiration for my drawings.